Terrence “Daddy Hodgie” Hodge- Carty is an architect. No, he does not design homes or skyscrapers, but he does have the ability to lift you way above the earth. Daddy Hodgie as he is known to his legions of fans has masterfully created a catalogue of music that spans over 3 decades.

Music, was his only career choice he says. More of a calling. In his early teens he was attracted to the new phenomenon called hip hop that was beginning to stream into the Caribbean from cities in the United States. Though the genre caught his attention, nothing had more of an impact on him than the Soca bands of his immediate region. It was unlike the Soca music coming out of Trinidad. This style wasn’t even necessarily called Soca just yet. Though not social commentary, it was still referred to as Calypso in the smaller islands; and boy was it different. Bands like the Wrecking Crew, 17 Plus and the Burning Flames ruled the airwaves and Hodgie soaked it all in. The sounds escaping the Virgin Islands, St. Kitts, Antigua, St. Maarten, Dominica and his Native Anguilla all landed in his headphones and he promised himself that one day he too would be a part of the fabric of sound coming from the region.

Hodgie kept his promise. Since 1998 Hodgie has been the maestro behind countless hits. More importantly his work as producer and keyboardist has won him a record breaking 13 Road Marche titles on Anguilla. Whether he is performing hits from the 90s and the 2000s with his Better Band or Exodus HD, his current band fans flock to venues knowing that Hodgie will be serving up sonic treats. Musicians in the region respect him. However his music is most loved in, Anguilla,  the place where he has been an integral part in shaping the modern sound and structure of the island’s Soca scene.

Though he has accomplished much, Hodgie is not finished. He has plans to make his BRAND bigger and yes… BETTER! This is the story… Thus far… of Terrence Daddy Hodgie Hodge Carty.