Any child who is raised in, and allowed to explore the boroughs and streets of New York City, is bound to come away with a love and deep appreciation of the arts. The Garment District in midtown Manhattan, the storied theaters of Broadway and the sounds escaping the walls of Carnegie Hall found their way deep into the psyche of Trystin Kier Francis and led him into the world of art.

 As a young adult, Trystin Kier Francis explored becoming a filmmaker, however it was his passion for design that would eventually win him over. Memories of iconic New York buildings and their regal interiors flooded his thoughts and he decided to follow his dreams to adorn the streets and boulevards of the world building by building.

Now an accomplished interior designer and qualified architect, Trystin shares with us the highlights of what is already a superb career and explains his plans for The Kier Company and all of his other business ventures.

For Updates on Trystin and his Company, check out their website THE KIER COMPANY.