This is the true story of how reggae music brought forth this episode’s guest. A young brunette  from the American Midwest somehow found the tiny Caribbean island of Anguilla and decided to vacation there. Her introduction to reggae music would lead her to a local deejay who she would eventually fall in love with. That LOVE, gave the world Vanessa Croft.

Vanessa was raised between the slow pace of the island and the bustling streets of Tinsel Town. A chance meeting at a Kinkos, yes… it was the 80s…, would propel her into the entertainment industry where she would become a career actor at a tender age. After years of balancing music videos with the likes of Michael Jackson and movies with David Hasselhoff and The Olsen twins, Vanessa’s mother decided that she and a teen aged Vanessa would move back to Anguilla.

With few friends and an American accent, she began to carve out her new life and explore how she would use her talents and flare for the arts in her new environment.

Today, she is a mother of two and an English teacher. In this interview Vanessa reflects on her childhood in Hollywood and memories of her teens. But her story is not yet done. She discusses her up-coming novels and offers a bevy of awesome tips for aspiring writers. From the boulevards of LA to the beaches of Anguilla, this is the story...thus far… of Vanessa Croft, writer, actor, educator and poet.

If you wish to find out more about Vanessa Croft, check out her website Vanessa Explains. Also follow her on instagram at @theonlyvanessa.