In 2013 a group of high school friends decided to formalize themselves as a unit. This has happened for generations all over the world. Groups of guys and gals have joined forces to form named cliques. These cliques serve different purposes depending on the group. More often than not teenagers identify themselves with like-minded persons and try to establish as much social capitol as possible.

Most of these cliques or crews fizzle out with time. Members graduate, secure jobs, leave for college and build families; leaving any memories of their high school glory days, nick names and clique names for the occasional reunion at carnival or Christmas. Most sentences of course starting with “Remember that time when…”

But, ”YHNG or Young Hustlers New Generation” is not most cliques. Not only have they remained friends, but they have now gone into business together. YHNG the group has created YHNG the clothing line. What started as a one-off idea for a t-shirt design and group logo during their high school years, has snowballed into a fully-fledged brand, boasting several styles and designs, for every demographic. Their brand is huge in the North Eastern Caribbean and is growing rapidly. What is most impressive is the group’s ability to organize and move with a level of efficiency that larger companies should both emulate and envy.

Although it is a relatively young company, YHNG has already started to demonstrate why they are one of Anguilla’s top corporate citizens. The company supplied dozens of electric fans for classrooms around the island in order to ensure students’ comfort. Their brilliant marketing strategy sees them throwing innovative events such as their recent virtual party, where DJs from the Virgin Islands and New York City were projected unto a jumbo screen at a night club in Anguilla. The DJs also had a video feed of the crowd streamed to them. Virtual interaction at its finest.

But this is just the beginning for YHNG. They have plans. BIG PLANS. In the meantime, this is the story… thus far… Of YHNG, Young Hustlers New Generation.