My last encounter with Young Devyn was when I ventured into Manhattan to see her perform at an all-women’s hip-hop event. There is nothing quite like a crisp fall evening in New York City. Every time you enter the city’s chambers, it speaks to you. What it says depends upon its mood. New York City needs no introduction and brings with it a slew of preconceived notions. Its own modern day anthem boasts that “These streets will make you feel brand new” and “its big lights will inspire you.” On that evening I hop into one of the city’s famed yellow cabs to see the city’s latest wordsmith do what she does best.

Young Devyn is not yet a household name, however many in hip-hop think that that may change in the not so distant future. Devyn was born in Brooklyn New York to Trinidadian parents. She is the latest product contributing to a long lineage of prolific wordsmiths from the Tri-State area born into the West Indian-American culture. Any perceived similarities with other MCs end there.

At the age of 8, Devyn performed at her first paid gig. Interestingly enough, as a Soca artist. This in itself is not uncommon for children interested in performing. What is uncommon is that the show took place at a nightclub and she performed at 2 AM.  She was smitten! The rush of adrenaline that she felt that night excited her and she knew that the stage was where she belonged. Subsequent performances with Machel Montano in Trinidad, Six Flags Theme Park in New Jersey and tours all prepared her for a life in the entertainment industry. Until her teen years Devyn was known as the young Soca sensation that was well loved by fans of the genre.

And then Devyn shocked the world. She started to release hip-hop free styles and songs. No one knew she could rap… And very well might I add. Devyn would in short order become one of the internet’s favorite MCs. The industry took notice too. Young Devyn’s words and delivery allowed her to perform on MTV, then Sway in the Morning, then for the Cypher at the BET Awards, then The Essence Festival… Then… You get the point.

Having not even departed her teen years, Young Devyn ushers in a new generation of Caribbean swagger to the hip-hop scene. With a new single and a new project in the works, Young Devyn has only just begun.

This is the story…. Thus far… Of Young Devyn.