Sint Maarten, not to be confused with St. Martin is the Dutch half of the small Caribbean island shared by the Netherlands and France. Zahira Marmar was raised there. She was introduced to farming by her immediate family. She fell in love with it.

Typically, this story would continue to tell you how Zahira grew peas, pumpkins and corn. However, Zahira fell in love with herbs. Herbs for seasoning? Well yes… but more specifically, herbs for teas and herbs for healing. Zahira recognized the benefits of the herbs that grew naturally on her island. Her mother taught her how to make teas for different purposes and how to combine those herbs to create different flavors and to help the body.

Like many young people Zahira left her native St. Maarten to attend University. She returned home after college and decided to share her love for herbs through a unique business that she pioneered. Zahira and her team would create and maintain herb gardens for her clients. It was her way of sharing her love for farming and of course… herbs.

With love and marriage Zahira would move to the United States. Again, she figured a way to share her knowledge of herbs and teas with friends. She began to brew small amounts of teas for her immediate circle. Her teas were a hit. Then it hit her. Why not create a beverage?

Zahira, her husband and even her daughter got to work. Her idea became the family’s dream. After a few years of licenses, regulations and meetings, Hrbvor was born.

Zahira was elated and ready for a massive launch in early 2020. Alas, like many others her plans faced the storm which is Covid 19. However, this was not the first storm that Zahira faced in her lifetime. She faced it head on. She is focused and persistent, and Hrbvor made it to shelves all across the New York City area. And yes, she delivers them rain or sunshine. Zahira is an amazing personality with an amazing story and an amazing company!

This is the story… Thus far… Of Zahira Marmar.